{Watch} Scholarships K – 12: BLOCS (Philadelphia Catholic Schools)

BLOCS is committed to giving children access to a high quality, values based education in Philadelphia area Catholic schools | Blocs.org  

What’s fueling your pursuit?

What’s fueling your pursuit? That’s the question that came to mind as I sat at a table with other young moms, at the Young Mom Summit, hosted by Tara Jefferson, creator of The Young Mommy Life. We were taking part in a panel discussion with moms who have been...

Every faucets flows differently but it still flows– What on Earth Does That Have To Do With Parenting?

This morning my son and I woke up at grandma’s house. While brushing his teeth he got a little annoyed because the water coming out of the faucet was splashing a bit too much for his liking and according to him, it wasn’t coming out right. So, I took the...

{Watch} Children Scholarship Funds’ Campaign for 10,000 Children

Visit the website, check your eligibility status and apply! Deadline is March 1st!

{Watch} 4 Things You Need When Applying For Scholarships k-12

#4 is super important!